We have had the flu.  Not all of the Reynolds, but nearly half.  Silas, Libby, Louisa, and Benjamin were the little ones to be taken out by the illness.  At this point everyone is on the mend and prayers are hopeful that we are done with it.  Benjamin declared it's the sickest he's ever been and I fully agree with him.  Fevers raged for 5 days with him and 4 with the others.  The reprieves Benjamin had started about 1.5 hours after a dosage of motrin and expired about an 1.5 before we could give the next dose. It was a very sick cycle.  Between the kids; we had lots of outcries from the pains of leg and back aches, very intense headaches, running eyes which burned bright red, and a few stomach responses (that's friendly talk).  Jake and I massaged heads, back and feet with oils and did our utmost to comfort them. At this point of the infection there is only mild drainage and lots of sputum coming up. It has been very sad to watch and we are so thankful that this isn't a way of life day in and day out.

It is however a reminder of the ugliness of sin which is a much greater sickness, and one that if not exposed to much light will lead to sorrows much greater than that of the manifestations of the flu bug; ultimately the separation from Christ eternally. Praise the Lord for His forgiveness and Praise the Lord for physical healing as well.

We are so thankful that everyone is somewhat hungry today because we're getting ready to light the house up with the burning of some 37 candles...  More to follow later.

Salt-looking proud, proud he isn't a human who suffers things like influenza.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

What absolutely loving parents, we all could take a lesson from you guys. happy 37th Jake , thru Jesus Christ, we could not be prouder parents the way you lead your family.

Karen said...

Amen John! I agree with you whole 100%!
Happy birthday Jake .. hope the neighbors didn't confuse the bonfire of burning birthday candles with a call to 911 for a real fire emergency.
Ha ... hope you had a wonderful birthday.
We love you and we are glad to hear the family is getting better.
Love to all!