ERGO Carrier

Moms, who of you has this ERGO thing and what is your review of it?  pros and cons..


Christy said...

We have an ERGO and we both LOVE it. We fight over who gets to wear Lily.

Very versatile: can be worn with baby on front, back or hip.

Super comfortable.

It adjusts in lots of ways so that it can be comfortably worn by mom or dad.

It's fully machine washable and dryable.

As the name hints, it is ergonomically designed so that the baby or toddler is sitting comfortably rather than hanging from their netherregions.

It evenly distributes the weight on your hips rather than on your back.

Once you figure it out (which takes a try or two) it's really easy to use.

It doesn't take up much room for storage.

It's pricey. If you want to use it before the baby can hold his or her head up you have to buy the newborn insert which adds to the cost.

It doesn't stand on its own like the one you have and I know you like that feature.

Can be hot in the summertime. I would put a cold bottle of water between me and Lily when we went on walks.

CLR said...

Christy, thank you!

Anymore thoughts are welcome please and thanks!!

jj said...

You've seen my home-made "ERGO" (and don't forget that you've got one coming to you :))
AMEN to nearly everything Christy said.
I can't speak for the brand name, but mine is easy on the back, swaddles your little one so he/she feels secure (including the head), keeps them contained so you can even work around the stove safely, packs up into a little bundle for carrying around, and comes in pretty designs :)
However, my man isn't mentally comfortable wearing it, it takes some getting used to to wrap it quickly, and you can't wear it on the hip.
Good luck making your decision!