Really, It's been a merciful week

Having the stomach flu beginning early last Saturday morning had me on my back for a day and a half.  Of all the things it is the toughest common sickness for me to personally deal with.  After feeling better and breaking the fever I nervously waited to see who would be next, if at all.  Silas took his turn Tuesday and we all seem to fine now, 3 stomach issue free days.  
While I was sick I was able to rest, rest, rest.  The children were so helpful, kind, and concerned for me.  Rarely was there any quarreling and I dropped eaves on more than one family meeting going over various plans of action all led by Colby of course.  He is a natural leader and a servant when his heart is sparked.  I was served more saltine crackers than I could eat and ginger ale with plenty of water to boot.
What is it about harsh sickness that reminds us of our sweet hope of Christ.  Of being rid of this mortal, sick, earthly body.  I enjoyed my time of weakness knowing full well that God is Sovereign and my feeble, wretched body is fully in his hands.  
Praise the Lord for my time of rest and sweet reflection.


Claire Higgins said...

Poor Christie! I knew something was up when you were 'blogless' awhile. I am glad your health is restored now.

CLR said...

Thanks Claire. It is so good to be healthy and hungry again.