35 years tomorrow February 24

Let me tell you all that my best friend is turning another year older today.  Jake is my hero, let me clarify-- not only mine but the children's as well.  
We so wish we could shower you, Jake, with our love, affection, gifts, and favorite foods in person.  We so wish we could hug and kiss you on this day, put our hands on you and offer thanksgiving and prayer to God for you.  Glory be to God anyway!  We will pray and bless you none the less.  We are so proud of you, for your constant dedication to our God, to this family, to your work.  May you enjoy God's mercy for 35 more years and more on those and an Eternity after.  We love you darling!  Happy, Happy Birthday.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Claire Higgins said...

...and many more! We love you Jake! Claire and Clint

Karen said...

We are humbled by your love and dedication to our Lord, your family, and your country. You are an example for us all.
We are blessed to have you in our family.
Love you

JLR said...

Thank you all!