64 and Sunny

We had some terrific weather today.  I am no longer surprised that it can snow the same week that it's in the 60's.  The children romped around enjoying created worlds of imaginary play. The girls dressed as princess's and the boys dressed in their camouflage and baseball gear.  
Silas was the cutest to watch as he spent 45 minutes running to and fro armed with a stick.  At one point he caught Colby by surprise in a stick attack.  Eventually he dropped the stick and picked up a bag catcher.  That fun ended when he hung it up on one of the garden fences.  Libby, on the other hand, kept telling me she was going to be a princess and a Jedi.  
While they played hard I put together a savory Saturday meal and started some Shrimp Ceviche.  It's awesome being in this temporary season of everyone being old enough to play outside without me!


Claire Higgins said...

Awesomeness! And way to go on the shrimp ceviche! Glad you mentioned that the kids were 'dressed up' because I was a bit curious about Jackie's attire...:) Very cute!

JLR said...

Ah, I miss home. Enjoy guys!

CLR said...

Sharp, we miss you!!

pops said...

Looks like great fun for all!

I like the "stick attack" by little Silas>

"A man's got to know his limitations"