What's been going on??

This week we've had a very interesting time..
1.) we really weren't through with the heaving bit.  Jackie had it on Monday and was really bad off.  She's recovered now and I think it's official that we can put away the Saltines.
2.) the blasted fire alarm went off Tuesday a.m. at exactly 1:34.  More fear and trembling for a weary eyed mother.  The school room alarm upstairs was triggered and set off the rest of them in the house.  All the kids slept through.  Salt went into howl mode.  I got online after I shut it off to figure out how it could be triggered, because the heat wasn't running upstairs.  It turns out that extreme cold can also trigger a fire alarm.  Last time that alarm went off it's because the heat was running and some settled dust was singed on a coil or something like that.
3.) my child.... left the silver cell phone in the pocket of his pants and i found it in the bottom of the wash after the cycle had run.. it's fried now... i think this happened last week actually.
4.) Louisa lost another tooth tonight.  It was the same as before, she looks at me and her tooth is pointed in my direction.  I flip out and tell her to hurry go pull it.  She tries, comes back to me and says it won't come out.  I look in her mouth and it's hanging against her bottom gum line. I had to pull it out.  It was so gross, I could feel the last bit of gum break off.  I nearly passed out.
5.) Silas is sick with what I believe is a croup infection. He had to have the steam treatment Wed. night.
6.) I've got some pregnancy issue in the lower extremities which are causing a great deal of discomfort..
7.) I really miss my honey
8.) I really miss my mommy
9.) That's it!


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

we will keep you in prayer! 1 thessalonians 5-16-18

Karen said...

I really miss my Christie!

Gaines Family said...

Ahhhhh, life is grand : ) I'm praying for you guys and hope next week is a better one for you!! God bless your family.