Kids at Play

Silas was feeling a touch better yesterday, so we went outside, with the camera, and had some play time.  The weather was so lovely and we enjoyed the sweet breeze moving through.  Of all the homes we've lived in the backyard in this one is the best.  There's so much room for the kids to run and play and there's no concern for them escaping as the fence wraps fully around.  Silas immediately will find a stick to hold onto or a ball.  He will stand beside the firepit and pretend to poke a fire.  The girls on the other hand swing, roll down the hill or have imaginary girly games.  It's so peaceful watching them play well together.  It's medicine to me to not have to correct them, but rather to watch them enjoy each other.  


dirtandrib said...

I love the picture of Lou.
Sweet girl! Silas...a pitcher
in the making.

Claire Higgins said...

Looks like spring is in the air at your house! Your kids are so fortunate to have each other to play with; it is one of my favorite memories as a child myself! :)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the pictures!

Karen said...

silas is up to bat! wonder who he has been watching?