And you can Dance!

Jake and I are taking ballroom dancing lessons.  Let me just say.. if you think that you are experiencing a blissful marriage, try dancing!  We have had soooo much fun and are learning a lot.  For example, we can Hustle to "Billy Jean" and Fox Trot to older songs which I don't know the name of.  We also have discovered that we can fight over things which we assumed we had mastered.  Say for example, who should lead.

On Thursday evening during lessons it all unfolded.  I didn't like the way Jake was leading and Jake didn't like the way I was following.  Do you see where this is going?  That's right, a lover's spat right there on the dance floor.  No one around could hear what was going on, but in our little square of the floor there was minor distress.  I was thinking to myself, "I'm ready to cry, I really want to follow if only he would do things my way."  He was thinking, "fine, if she won't follow my lead I could really be home working on the truck right now."  So it goes huh?  Selfishness at its finest.  We worked through the spat and went out and ate some good Mexican food.  Chase that down with a mild Margarita and we were laughing.

Really, what is it with married people?  Ever since the fall women have rebelliously tried to call the shots!  Come on Eve, do you really need a bite of the forbidden fruit?  I am always surprised, but then again not really, by the attitudes that surface when I least expect them to. It was interesting to see what came up during dance class and then oh so pleasing to talk through and work out what went wrong while we were dancing.

Marriage is beautiful and is this magnificent union between man, woman, and their God.  He orchestrates all of it.  Man leads, mostly :), woman follows and has her share of helping to "call the shots."  Our dance instructor said that we, the women, will have a chance to lead, there are times when the women should lead during dancing. I'm excited to learn when that is! I'm still figuring that part out in our sweet marriage.  We have sweet times of calling the shots as wives and mothers, but truly, we call those shots with our husbands and our Lord in mind... "How would Jake do this?  How may I glorify the Lord?"

Oh the grace to live life well, to honor my Lord, to obey my husband.  All of these things are being mastered as we live!  Oh Lord, be merciful to me!


Karen said...

Sweet thang ... you have a way with words. I love that the 2 of you are trying ... first your way ... and when that doesn't work (little spats) then you both decide to do it God's way.
Wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch. I would love to learn to dance with your dad. Not sure that will happen in this life time (maybe, who knows).
Enjoy the time together and be light and beautiful on the dance floor and off!

pops said...

Oh well.........

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

hopefully Jake does not have two left feet likes his dad and afflicted with white mans disease!