A late Anniversary Date.

A Lovely moment captured.  Thanks Colby.
Despite the tardiness of it, our date was just as sweet as ever.  We went out to a sweet little restaurant down in Carmel by the Sea and it was romantic and oh just right. While I was away with my mom we were able to go to the airport Sunday morning together.  Our flights were a few hours apart, mom's being the early-bird and mine leaving just before lunch.  While sitting in the airport I was taken back to not that long ago.....
It was Jake's first deployment.  It was a tough, tough day.  I still remember the smells of the hangar.  The planes on the runway ready to leave.  Marines running to and fro trying to finish up those last minute things that need to be done before deploying.  Then there were those Marines whose families had shown up to see them off.  Colby, Jackie, Benjamin, Louisa, Libby, Silas, and I were one of those groups of family hugging and kissing and staring in hope that we'd be reunited again.  We were upstairs in the "Ready Room" and the dreaded moment arrived. It was the moment where we would have to say goodbye and go back to our cars, homes, dinner tables, and beds alone.  We slowly walked downstairs and fear began to unleash its' hold on us.  We stopped at the base of the stairs and we huddled tightly and hugged and wept and hugged and wept and kissed with the tightest, softest embraces one can imagine and then we left and let him go.  We went home and lived out a half a year without Jake in the home though he was deep in our hearts and fresh in our minds every moment.  That year was one of those years that we were apart for our Anniversary.  There have been more Anniversaries apart than together, so when we have the opportunity we love to celebrate it to its fullest.  Just like any other birthday or holiday.  

I was thankful for the memory.  The Lord had placed me in the airport at just the right time to see families saying goodbye to their Army Men.  These Men were deploying.  I didn't ask them if they were deploying but I could tell.  The men were in uniform and their brides wept softly.  One couple sat quietly just diagonally behind mom and me.  Their hands were clasped in each others, their heads were bowed, their eyes closed, he was praying.  Across the way was a little boy, about Louisa's age, he was hugging his Pop's leg and his mom had to pry him off.  It was time for dad to go, the mother walked away while her son cried convulsively.  They walked slowly and hugged tightly as they made their way back through the terminal.  I wanted to hug them to thank them for their service, their husband's service to the country.  Now wasn't the time.  They needed each other, they require our prayers.  The Lord has given the children, Jake, and I each other for the moment.  We don't know what future deployments will come to us, but truly we don't know what tomorrow will bring.  So we will remember the times apart and embrace these times together.
Jake and I before the date.
I'm wearing my, "Not the Day Old Donut Dress."


Karen said...

You have a way with words. Life and time are so precious. I learn from you all the time. I am thankful for my husband and my children. God has been so gracious to me.
May I not forget to be thankful for my family, my country, and the men and women who keep me safe at night!
Thanks for the reminder!

Happy Anniversary Sweeties!

Gaines Family said...

Well said, sweet friend! Congratulations on your anny and what precious pictures of you and your groom. As always, thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

*Tears* I've mentioned this in my own blog before, although not for awhile... how that moment, saying Goodbye to my man just before he last deployed is forever burned into my mind and heart too. I can NOT think about it with out crying at least a little. And any time I hear a song with the words "don't let me go" I remember that awful moment when he had to let me go. *sigh* I'm having a really hard time these days realizing another one of those moments is coming for us soon and this time I'll have more than just myself and the dog to worry about at home. :/ Anyway, Happy belated Anniversary!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Beautifully written, Christie. It brought tears to my eyes.

Also, what a beautiful couple!

pops said...


Christie you are PRECIOUS

Makes me weep............

Maryn said...

Congratulations on another year together.
Happy Anniversary, dear friends!