Can you hear that? Listen closely.

Yesterday, the time of truth was on us.  After thousands of minutes and dollars it was truth-time.  The truck has been the central project for months now.  With the engine in, the transmission attached, the drive shaft rebuilt, recut and installed, the electrical system putting out the current and the liquids filled, it was time.  Time to turn the key.  

The man took his seat and put the key in the ignition.  Let's give it a whirl!
Jake's trustee mechanic friend, Matt, who was his right-hand man with the project.
It's cranking, sounds are coming out from "under the hood."  Will it turn over?

Well, what do you think happened?

Plug your ears Libby, it's really, really loud!
The gauges are singing sweet praises and the red light means go, right?  Actually that means the fan is running to keep the radiator calm and cool.

Notice the truck is released from the cave.  A little pre-flight check and things look good.
More inspections and looking cool!  
Oh yeah.  THERE HE GOES!!!
Silas taking off down the sidewalk to see where pop is going.  He kept saying, "You fixed you truck, you fixed you engine."
Judging by the close-proximity of Colby, I'd say he's being tail-gated already.  Jackie is so proud too!  They left the hood off to give it the deep woods red-neck look.   Can you tell who got the first ride?  I'll give you a hint, she has blonde curly hair and light brown freckles all over her face.


pops said...

Hip Hip HURRAY!!!

Congratulations Jake.

You've come a LONG way from sitting out in front of 3119 Palmer trying to figure out why your little truck would't start.

Awesome job.

pops said...


Jen said...

Congratulations Jake! Yes, Matt couldn't wait to tell me that he spied an old red truck driving around the neighborhood this morning. :)

Karen said...

well well well ... it finally happened. I was beginning to wonder when that time would come. congratulations Jake! It has got to be a great feeling knowing that you restored something so fun! Hard work, patience, tender careful care, the right tools, and steady hands! The job is complete! Way to go!

Maryn said...

Woohoo! Great job!