We Like Yarn

Well, mom and I found lots of yarn on our travels and I'd guesstimate that we spent somewhere around 8 hours of daylight over the expanse of 3 days in yarn shops.  We found some fun little and large projects, from winter hats to shopping bags.

Our time together was so sweet and as Saturday approached we prayed before our lunch that the last afternoon would drag by slowly.  It did too.  We decided to spend it knitting. So, we went to the pool:

We watched people, young and grown, thin and not so trim, plummet down the water slides.  While various folks played in the pool, mom and I:

Sat in some lounge chairs in our sweaters with our pant legs rolled up and we knitted all afternoon long.  It was a bit warm and sticky, but it wasn't bothersome and the day truly rolled slowly by.  I am sure I can confidently say for the both of us, that it was a most wonderful trip and one that will be treasured for a long, long time!

Thanks again Jake and Dad for allowing this trip to happen for us.  We are humbly grateful to you both!



Claire Higgins said...

Oooo teach me teach me!

Please tell me you went down the waterslide...I can't imagine Karen passed it up, did she? ;)

Appollo Schloss said...

Ahh...that sounds wonderful!

Karen said...

I will teach you to knit Claire! and yes I passed the water slide up.
We had the most wonderful time together. I hope this was not a one time thing .... hint hint hint!

pops said...

You're welcome ladies,
You both deserve so much more!!