In Which...

Since moving to California I have been influenced by some of the styles and in particular I have discovered that it is lovely to fix your hair.  It's great to let my hair go curly one day, the next day to pin it back in little buns, and the third day to brush it out and where it down.  I tend to repeat this cycle and yesterday, the big day of travel, I was on day 2 so, I pinned it back in smallish buns.  This was fine until it was time to check in and I triggered the alarms with all. my. bobby. pins.  Blah!  So, I was ushered to the side and a female attendant was called on, my suitcase was thrown open and my computer was temporarily confiscated and inspected.  While my computer was being "checked out" so was I.  We're talking the full body pat down.  The magical beeping wand lit up like a Christmas tree when it got to my head.  My feet were bare because I had no socks on and wasn't permitted to put my shoes back on yet.  It was humbling, to say the very least, and I was already dealing with the jitters because my forte isn't flying.  Flying is actually a rather frightening thing that I'm forced to deal with from time to time.  I know it sounds like a paradox, the pilot's wife that's freaked out by flying.. so I am.  The Inspector Gadget Wand lady mumbled things like, "I'm going to pat you with the back of my hands," "Hold up your arms higher," "Spread your legs wider."  You get the picture.  Once I was through checking in, they let me board the plane!  Not without stopping for a piping hot cup of coffee from Peet's which was so sweetly stationed within the terminal.

The first leg of my journey took me to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The ride there was entertaining as I sat next to an Italian lady who could speak 4 languages (her husband speaks 5).  She married late in life and had kids late, thus she struggles to keep the weight down.  She is well traveled and informed of different cultures around the world.  In particular I was surprised to learn that the French are a very stinky people.  That they don't care for themselves very well, and they are an exceedingly proud people and think of themselves very highly.  I wasn't surprised by the last fact because I know the French have had a small part in the war on terror and would prefer to roll there eyes at the rest of us.

My second leg of the journey took me to Colorado Springs.  I sat beside an older man who had a lot of work to do on his mac computer.  I looked out the window and read Martha Stewart Living.  It was so beautifully boring.

Once in Colorado, I met my Mom.  Yay for moms!!  We've been having a sweet time so far.  We ate some really good food yesterday and we visited some very fun yarn shops.  We also went to this amazing place called the, "Garden of the Gods."

It's isn't at all what you may guess from the name.  I thought it was going to be an extravagant greekish garden with statues of all the greek gods.  Not so, It is these beautiful rocks.  With smooth grooves, crevices and all shown in a beautiful red clay.  They were put there by our God.  At the beginning of time.  The grooves and slants were shaped by the flood.

Can you just imagine this being under the oceans floor.  Deep and dark and then suddenly seeing the light of day once the waters receded?  They are beautiful.  It was truly a Garden of our God.

Today we are off to more yarn shops, to drink tea, to eat more good food, and to do nothing else in particular.  Sounds like fun to me.

I just want to thank you again Jake, for this opportunity.  I know yesterday was hard with the toilet incident, the cupcakes mess in the bathtub, the bike collision, and the screeches and yells, and I'm sure dirty stinky diapers.  You are my hero all over again and I love you very, very much.  May today, Friday, be more uneventful than yesterday and don't forget to take out your steak and chill your beer.


JackieLynn said...

mom, I've heard of the garden of the God's
it looks so beautiful. I miss you!

JLR said...

Your welcome baby, and don't worry about us and the "incidents". They are merely part of your daily routine, that I never even hear about because you are so excellent in your response to them. Its good for me. Love you.

dirtandrib said...

Can't wait for your yarn find report! What about fabric? Any cool fabric shops?

Karen said...

I just arrived home. I will lay down for an hour or so before running to the grocery store.
I had the best time with you!
I am knitting away and can't wait to show you my finished product!
Thank you Jake for giving your wife to me for this sweet trip!
Love you all!

Claire Higgins said...

What great memories! :)