The Geo-Bachelor Life

Here is a "taste" of my world since Christie and the kids left 10 days ago; potato chips instead of french fries (b/c that would take too long to cook), lots of fresh tomatoes from  the garden and a little white doggie "by my side" at all times when I am in the house.  I can't wait to come get you Christie!!


CLR said...

I am laughing hon. Really, Salt should not be on my side... Your tomatoes look really good though. I love you babe.

CLR said...

p.s. are you sure that's a white doggie? looks like a white bunny to me. and by your side?? i thought that was our song, not you and salt's!!

JLR said...

Salt has been rather passionate lately regarding my spending time with him. But yes, it is still our song.