An Interview with Louisa

Mom: Louisa, what did you do today?

Louisa: What?, What did I do today? I just readed my bible, I playded house, and after that I saw outside the door, there was a black cat that was at a house.

Mom: Okay Louisa, what happened at the pool today?

Louisa: I jumpded.

Mom: What else Lou?

Louisa: I Goed unda the water and swimded and swimded.

If you can't interpret the interview, Louisa learned to swim today. She was yelling at my dad to get him to look at her. When he did, she took off swimming. Once she realized she could do it, there was no stopping her. She's officially a little fish. She and Ben spent a lot of time jumping from the side of the pool together as well. It was a sweet time.

And of course Silas spent more time in the hammock, this time with his Poppy.


JLR said...

Way to go Lou! Daddy will see you swim soon.

dirtandrib said...

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...what do we do?
we swim! I love you!

I love you! And, um, Ben, I like you swimming and um, tell your Mimi I said I love you!

CLR said...

I can swim and I miss you very, very much! I love you.
From Ben.