Ben's word of wisdom

In the course of mothering, I often disappoint my children by telling them "no."  Quite often my words are met with, "alright, yes ma'am."  However there are also times when the offended child will disappear and deal with themselves and the reality of the, "no" and all that it entails.  Today Libby got the word and disappeared.  Louisa came back to report to me that she had said, "NO MOMMY"!  I asked Louisa if she helped Libby by telling her that she should honor mommy.  Louisa said that she hadn't.  This upset Benjamin somewhat and he bounced off his lunch chair and headed to the other room.  I instructed him to come back to me and finish his grammar.  He then says, "I must go speak with Libby about what she did and correct her.  If I don't, she may never find favor with God."  Well, a few moments later Ben and Libby return and he's coaxing her to apologize to me.  What a sweetie, he makes me think that perhaps he's been paying attention the innumerable times we've told him to, "honor your father and mother."


Christy said...

That Ben Reynolds, what a cutie.
Hope you guys are all feeling better!

CLR said...

we are on the mend and yes, my Ben is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I think we should get our two peas together so mine can learn from yours -- they're night and day on this issue!