Tastes great on your favorite meal and is a swell name for a family pet.  Our pet Salt receives quite a bit of harassment.  Like, for example, unwanted rides in the laundry basket, a harmonica playing (he howls when he hears it, he just can't help it so Libby takes full advantage), colanders worn over the head really freak him out, marching in place while singing/chanting about the western states is also a good way to pull out his aggressions, clapping your hands and pouncing at him also works well, he really enjoys the smell  of cinnamon and clove oils being sprayed at him (enjoy is a relative term, he actually freaks out and will pee to reclaim his scent, this should only be tried under close supervision from an experienced adult), ahh the list is quite a bit longer so I won't bore you any longer.  Here's a photo of the smartest dog this side of the blog, our very own , "little white bunny."