Grumbling in their tents

This morning Jake and I were reading through Psalm 106.  It was so rich and extremely applicable.  Many lessons learned from the disobedient Israelites were quickly applied to our hearts and attitudes.  Moses stood in the breach to save them and we were immediately reminded of Jesus Christ standing in the breach to save us.  Later the psalm goes on to say how the Jews disobeyed again and were "grumbling in their tents."  That cut to the quick as we awoke to 4 sick children and Jake's blackberry vibrating with all sorts of issues at work.  While we hadn't given into grumbling there certainly might have been the temptation to do so.  We prayed and gave thanks for God's rich mercy to us.  
Following bible reading Louisa came in and reported that "Leeby" had made a huge bubble mess in the bathroom.  Well it was more than bubbles.  

As you can see, she dumped her bowl full of cheerios and blueberries in the sink and then attempted to wash the dirty dishes.  Jake's going to have to put aside the blackberry and pick up the plumbers wrench.  The last time he held that thing, it was the day before he deployed to Iraq... and that's another story!


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Excellent message! The holy spirit awakens me to philippians 2 14-16 when my pity parties start, now I have Psalm 106 as part of the armor ephesians 6-11.

Christy said...

What makes me the saddest about this story is that blueberries were wasted. After picking our own this year and tasting their goodness, the thought of any of them going down the drain (literally) makes me sad.