Safe at Home

We pulled in late last night and are home with much delight.  Yesterday was a long haul, but went so smoothly, by the Lord's Grace!!  
On Saturday, Libby choked on a hard piece of candy given by a well mean sibling no doubt.  We saw her choking and could hear the gags, it seemed as though she was alright, but she starting turning white as a sheet.  With Jake swerving to pull off the interstate, I jumped over the seats, and just in the nick of time she puked up a perfectly round runt covered in mucous right into my waiting hands.  Just Lovely.  Poor Colby, I had to sit on him until we could pull over safely and get back to our seats, potty break, and clean up.  
The next day Libby fell on the sidewalk at a rest stop and skinned her knee.  She cried many tears in the back seat, at the sight of her earned strawberry.  Bless her little heart.  Silas cried off and on, and we expected it.  Starbucks made a small fortune off us, and no doubt helped us arrive home in a timely manner.  All in all we are doing great and glad to have our feet planted firmly on the ground.  Now we just need to unpack, weed the garden, and eat some healthy meals.   


Anonymous said...

No one (may I repeat?) No one is happier to hear that you are home than I am. I've been mapquesting to find a good meeting spot, but I may wake up one morning and find I JUST CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG and your doorbell will ring at lunchtime :)

Jesse said...

Welcome home, gang - it will be good to see you again.

Karen said...

glad you are home ... but the ride wasn't that long ... or was it?