One down

about 36 more weeks of school to go.  This first week was a time of learning and stretching and at the same time very challenging.  I am beginning to recognize that with school in session I will have to let some things go.  For example, the vacuuming may have to be done on Tuesday at 3 instead of Monday at 9.  This means that messes will stay in their places a bit longer.  The dishes will sit a few hours later and so on.  I am going to have to deal with those things, because the education of these fine children in our stewardship is far more important and needs to be placed as the priority.  

With that said, the first week was successful.  Louisa now knows a phonetic sound!  Ben, Jackie, and Colby are on the same Bible and History timeline.  This should free up a lot of instructional/grading time for me.  Libby and Silas spend their time playing and being underfoot, which is fine, actually a delight.  Ben was introduced to the Phonetic Zoo, which is a spelling program from The Institute of Excellence in Writing.  I think it knocked him off his rocker as he and I were nearly in tears the first day.  

To end on a funny note.  Benjamin was having a review in alphabetizing this week.  We spent 2 days reviewing and studying it with the test being on the 3rd day.  He had to begin with alphabetizing letters, then simple words, moving onto more challenging patterns of words.  So, on question number 3 he became stumped and came to me proclaiming that the letter L wasn't in the alphabet, he wanted to know if he could put it after the letter Z.  I promised him that L was in the alphabet and instructed him that he may not put it after Z.  He came back and said, I've been over the alphabet 3 times and it's just not there....  Don't worry, we worked through it and I told him that if L weren't there his sisters names would be Ouisa and Ibby.  That got his attention and he found the letter L.

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I want to get your opinion of the Phonetic Zoo when you experience a bit more...we didn't really get to compare school notes last week!