Beautiful, Crazy, Busy Week

We were so blessed to have Jake's mom, Teresa, visit us for the week. We started things off right with a hike down to beautiful Point Lobos. The next day we headed up the coast to beautiful Pescadaro, California. We were having fun and only just beginning.

This may not look like much, but it's the future work place of Jake's folks. It's a KOA camp called Costanoa. Located about an hour and forty-five minutes north of here. They will be transitioning there in the next month. Please pray for them as they pack up, sell a car, and make the move.
After the trip up north, we trekked back down south and made a stop at Capitola so Jake could dominate some waves..

His adoring fans look on.
The following day we visited the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium. Here we are taking advantage of the family membership. It's cheaper to buy a membership than to purchase tickets for each of us to visit one time..

By Friday we were ready for the big part of the week. We headed north to Redding and were reunited with family. It had been shy of 9 years since we had last seen Jake's Grandmothers, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.

This is Libby's Great-Grandmother Hardesty.
We were delighted to meet his cousin Andy's (new to us) bride, Jackie. They will be heading down here in a couple of weeks for a weekend visit.
Jake's other cousin Will and his fiancee, Ashley. We'll make another trip north over Labor Day for their wedding.

Sunday we started south and made a stop to see some very, very dear people, Bill and Betty King. They are Jake's grandparents on his father's side. We stayed and played there for a couple of hours.

Perhaps you're curious about our little family member Salt. Here he is. He stayed home while we travelled to Redding. He looks like a good little doggie doesn't he? Don't be fooled, the dog-sitter informed us he peed twice in the boys room.. poor fellas.

We took Jake's mom back to the airport yesterday and are getting ready for his dad to come visit sometime in the next week or so.

This week we'll be Spring Breaking. Hoping to do some cleaning, sewing, and a little bit of cooking. The kids will do lots of playing.

*Several pictures above are courtesy of Teresa.. thank you for sharing.


Karen said...

What a fun filled week. Family .. nothing like it!

Claire Higgins said...

so many family members right along the coast! so neat.

and you gotta love the family discount. we all went to a catholic school growing up and i am pretty sure it was 'cheaper by the tens'...;)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I keep looking at that picture of you all on the grandparents sofa and marveling and that beautiful, unbroken, tea set on the coffee table. Good children!

Gaines Family said...

Beautiful pictures! What a blessing to spend time with family : )

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures!