It's Official.

The candles have been blown out, the prayer of blessing was given, Jackie is 11.

Perhaps you might think only a teenage boy would request steak... Our little Jack is full of surprises.

Turns out Colby was full of surprises too. He and I collected dryer lint for a month. To give you some background, Jackie has some texture issues with flannel pajamas and dryer lint.. It's strange, but understandable. She always pleads with one of her sisters to scrape the lint out of the dryer when she is swapping loads over for me. So Colby, always loving a good laugh, bought her a package of Lindor Lindt Chocolates. Lindt = Lint. He dumped the lindt chocolates throughout the box of dryer lint he'd been collecting. Very, very funny.

Crafty letters and Red Velvet Cake with "Magic Frosting."

As tasty as it was pretty.
It's hard to be serious and smile when one is hungry for cake!
Dad's got them in line... Say cheese, or no cake for you.. Just Kidding.

Happy birthday Jackie Lynn! I am encouraged by your grace and blessed by your love. You are a dear young lady and we adore you.


Karen said...

Dearest Jackie Happy Birthday. My first grand daughter ... what a blessing you are. I love you!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Dito Karen & Chris! Our Tom Thumb Baby, how can we ever forget! You are very special Jackie. We are very happy you enjoy dryer lint!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

What wonderful birthday pictures, Jackie! My father would not allow me to pierce my ears even though all my high school friends had them. I was finally able to get them pierced 1 week before I married your grandpa and have never had any problems with my ears. Of course, I love earrings! See you all soon. Love, Grandma

Claire Higgins said...

Beautiful day for a beautiful young lady!

pops said...

What a BEAUTIFUL young lady!!!

Haleyknitz said...

she is so pretty! been thinking about you guys. say hi to the gang for me ;)