Silas and the Banana

Silas woke up from his nap one day and needed a snack..
He chose a banana.
It was a good banana and served its' purpose well.
Can you tell by the look on his face?

This is an obscure post to be sure, but Silas was just way too cute this particular afternoon to not snap some pics of him.. If you look close you can see he has a black eye. That was the result of a fall between two wooden bar stools. Sweet little fella. He looks like he's been playing in different colored eye shadow everyday for a week now.


Haleyknitz said...

I see Lulu... wait that's Silas.... haha they're so similar! you have beautiful children.

Gaines Family said...

I'm really diggin his hairdo. He's making me miss my curls!! He is so precious :o)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

He is enjoying himself!

pops said...

cute little boy!

Karen said...

poor baby ... He doesn't look like the eye is a bother to him.
He sure likes the banana!

Claire Higgins said...

sweet little curly-q buddy!