Hot, Pinch, Ow

Something Jackie and I have talked about for years now is ear piercing. She has desired to have them punched through for a long time. Each time we discussed the option I would remind her of the pain that would be involved. She'd ask me for my own story, I'd tell her about it and explain how much I enjoy my own pierced ears. I would then encourage her to wait until she's a little older only to be sure she truly wanted them pierced. Eventually the notion would be dropped and several months would pass by before it would come up.
For her 11th birthday Jackie told me she indeed wanted them pierced, she knew there'd be pain, and she knew that she'd need to take care of them. I talked it over with Jake and we both had no problem with it, so we only need wait for the day to come.

Today was that day! She sits nervously after praying with me in the van. Her description of the piercing was hot, pinch, ow! Even though her teeth were chattering, she sat up in the tall chair bravely and barely batted an eye. She told me later she had faith she'd have the strength she prayed for and she did!

There they are!

She's beautiful.
We went to the Red House Cafe and stole away to a window seat with fresh cut flowers.

Hmm, what to order? How about the Red House Pizza.
Window light made our picture dark, so we made it a black and white photo adjusting the exposure and fill light. Sweet Memories with my daughter.


Jen said...

Tell Jackie I said Congratulations! And also, your photos are always beautiful , but that second one is just perfect. Frame it. And possibly enter it in a contest because you'd win. ;)

Karen said...

What a wonderful memory that day will be. She was so excited. What a beautiful person Jackie is. Inside and out!

Christy said...

How exciting! Happy Birthday, Jackie!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

precious memories!

Gaines Family said...

How amazing! Jackie has grown into such a beautiful young lady, I can't get over how grown up she has become! Many blessings sweet Jackie : )

Appollo Schloss said...

What a sweet and special time.