Our internet has been down for 5 days. We are back up and running and I am happy to report, because I know you were all wondering, the internet is not an idol! You may think this is silly to consider, but it is my habit to examine all areas of my life to see where God isn't first. I have often thought to myself, "Would I be the same mother through the day If I didn't have the internet.." I already know I have issues with "over-loving" my house.. I discovered this the last time we went camping and the raccoons ate all my homemade muffins while we slept, definitely not a good response there. But alas, I passed the no internet test with flying colors!!

Now for the Ug. Samuel and Libby have Bronchitis. We have all been hard down sick for a few days. Each Reynolds in turn, has had a nasty bug. Today when Samuel woke up he was definitely laboring for breath as was Libby. The Doctor affirmed our assumptions that there was something serious going on. Samuel was so bad when we got to the Dr. that she nearly had us head straight to the hospital. Praise God there was a sweet turn of Providence when Samuel responded well to an Albuterol treatment, or as we refer to it, "All-Better-All."

While I was at the Dr. with the little and the mini the rest of the family had the 1st annual St. Patrick's Day Jello Feast. More on that later.

If you remember, please pray for our littles that they would not need to be hospitalized. We will know how things are looking in the morning when we go in for Samuel's follow-up.

God Bless You dear ones!!


Christy said...

I am so sorry to hear that you've all been sick and that the littles have it especially bad. We'll be praying for you guys!

Maryn said...

Praying here as well. No hospital visits for the littles.

Karen said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. It goes without saying that I will pray for the littles and the not so littles. Health and happiness to all of you.

I am glad you passed the "no-internet" test. It is easy to take Gods blessings and turn them into "mini gods".

You are and have been an example for me to follow.

Gaines Family said...

We will be prayin for sure!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the update, all of you will be thought and prayer!