Samuel 9 Months (3 days ago)

Samuel is growing and he is precious and we are enjoying each day with him.
He is very fresh and his pale little face betrays his innocence.

This is what we love to see him doing most, laughing.

He is a thoughtful young man and often just hangs out and watches his family.

Other times when I'm taking pictures of him, which happens often, he gazes at me. I'm sure he's curious what I'm doing and why it happens so often. No doubt he'll have memories of his mom with a face in the shape of a Canon Rebel Camera.

He's learning to crawl. His talent has only begun in the last 2 days. He is just strong enough to push himself up on all fours. From there he gives himself a good push forward and continues the process until he's reached what he set out for.

Then a yawn, when it's time for nap.

*Did I mention how blue his eyes are?


Claire Higgins said...

What an angel!

He and Josie share the same shaped nose. :)

Gaines Family said...

He is just adorable!!

Karen said...

Oh those eyes. What a love!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thank you!