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So, I have to say that while beginning the tax-filing process I am a bit shocked that the Stimulus Check we received in 08 was part of what we would normally get in our refund.  Our refund is lower by exactly the same amount our stimulus check was for.  I did several searches and read several explanations about it and people everywhere are discovering the same as me.  Had we known the stimulus check was part of our normal credit we wouldn't have stimulated the economy as much as we did.  We saved a good chunk of it, but still we would rather have saved it all rather than pump it to the tanks!



john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

3 steps forward 5 back!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

what a bunch of crooks! As I learned the other day I will be not allowed to draw any ssn money until 66 years of age, even though i've have already put 50k into the system. something to do with the windfall elimination law dealing with govt retirees. Most folks are allowed to start drawing ssn at 62 years of age, what if i do not make to 66? more money for the broke social security, just venting! e

pops said...


I don't read it that way, unless there is something different for the military.

What I read was that the stimulus was not taxable, and the recovery rebate credit was only for those that got no stimulus or a decreased one.