We made it home!

Let me say that we had such a sweet time.  It was romantic and perfectly fun!  We were spoiled by tasty food, fun shopping, mountain biking, excellent customer service at the hotel, a bath tub that belongs in a mansion, piping hot coffee, naps, sleeping in, etc.  
We arrived home to cheering children.  They were all yelling daddy!  My feelings weren't hurt because I know they missed me too ;).  
We worshipped sweetly at church this morning and started off the year partaking in communion with the Saints then coming home to Linguine Carbonara.  
I have to say that 2009 couldn't be off to a better start.  
Now for the reality that Jake will still be deploying and somebody must teach those dear children their lessons...

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Claire Higgins said...

Sounded absolutely perfect. :) What a great weekend!