Sometimes the news seems bad

Other times it's good.  For example Jake and I have gone through 5 plus gallons of paint in the past few days.  We've painted the living room, the bathrooms, the entrance way, most of the trim in our home.  On top of this, he's pressured washed the house, we had the carpets steam vaccuumed, Jake's edged every single garden that surrounds the house and will soon lay the pine straw.  The one lurking project was the school room.  This wouldn't seem lurking had he not painted it less than a year ago.  During this time we nearly ran out of the color we were using so instead of going back to the store again we mixed some white paint into the green so we could just finish the project.  So, that meant there wouldn't be any paint left for touch ups.  Unfortunately somebody, we won't say whom to protect the identity of the culprit, took a green marker to the wall, another somebody, also whom we won't reveal, etched a series of codes consisting of strange figures, numbers, and backwards letters to the walls.  The good news is that a magic eraser took all of the marker and alien codes from the walls.  We were thrilled.  That's a big to do off our list.

The bad news, and really it isn't bad, more disappointing in nature, is that Jake is leaving earlier than we thought.  Something about missing a last weekend that we thought we had is sad.  Right now Jake is out with his daughters having a, "breakfast date."  He and I rejoiced last night over the children's response.  Instead of anger, there were tears and we think that is perfectly acceptable.  So, off he goes Thursday night.  Pray for us all as the reality is sinking in!


Claire Higgins said...

Your courage is amazing. I am sure, at times, you don't feel it, but you are more courageous than many of us ever will have to be.

How nice that your house is all set though! What a good feeling that is!

Karen said...

The way we measure time ... seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.
God measures our life as a breath, a vapor.
Jake will be gone for a short time.
Your family will be covered in prayers!