Here's a Brilliant Idea!

Sarcasm lies ahead, beware.

Do your children suffer from chapped lips?  Ahhh, of course they do, it's winter and the air is dry.
Here's an idea, give your 3 year old a tube of chapstick and strap her to her car seat and go for, let's say a 45 minute car trip.  Sit her siblings beside her and surely there will be no report of any suspected wrong-doing.  
Just keep driving around and pick up your daughter from ballet and then go back home.
By the time you arrive guess what?  Your child will no longer be chapped.  Instead their face will be glistening, yes shining.  Their breath will smell like cherries, as a matter of fact they will feel full from eating half the tube.  For added benefit your child could smear it all through their hair.  This way you will never ever have to buy conditioner for your child.  What a savings.  
Now go home and wipe off any excess, better yet draw up a warm bath and wash your child's hair repeatedly say 5 times.  I guarantee you'll be surprised in the morning when you are taken back to a scene from Grease.

Okay, so Libby got into a tube of chapstick last night.  What she didn't eat she covered her entire head with.  It was very funny to me.  The shampoo didn't begin to touch it really, so I think I'll have her run a few laps around the house and see if we can sweat it out.  

I don't have any pictures.. sorry.


Christy said...

Oh, Libby!

I remember, very vividly, the day I went to my first ballet lesson. I went into the bathroom to get ready and discovered a tube of Neosporin. God only knows why, but somehow I decided that it looked really good in my hair...so I combed it through...until all of my hair was coated.

We were already running late- and where do you even begin to clean up such a thing? So my very angry mother took me to ballet just as I was. Oh the embarrassment!

Myia said...

Okay, I feel responsible for this one since my child gave out the chapstick! Send her down and we can let Will chase her with the hose and shampoo bottle! I am ever so sorry, but having you guys over was a treat for us!!

CLR said...

You are not responsible, I am. It really was funny and I should have known what my little libby might end up doing.. We had fun too, thanks again!

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Claire Higgins said...

She won't live that one down!

That is a hilarious story. :)