Room 512

So, that's where I'm sleeping tonight.  Not in my bed.... Jake and I are in Raleigh having some husband/wife time before he deploys.  We are away for 2 nights and let me tell you, when we pulled away from the home it was like a first date... We hardly knew what to say to each other and sat in silence for like 5 minutes.  Many thanks to Will and Melia for taking charge of the cul-de-sac and dismissing us for 2 days.  We are having fun.
I have to say that checking into our hotel was loads of fun as we didn't have to double check that we had all present and accounted for.  Even entering our room.  There's only one bed in here.  No couches that fold out, no extra pillows to be called downstairs for, nor extra linens.  It's funny as we even took a little nap and didn't worry about anything dreadful happening while we looked at the back of our eyelids.  We went to dinner at a restaurant that we eat often and Jake and I both noticed the food tasted better than it ever had...  This has to be attributed to being able to focus on a mouthful of food and not being concerned about a little heaving something at a table nearby or belching at a most inopportune time, not to mention sterilizing the high chair, finding something kid friendly on a complex menu, cutting food into bite sized pieces, etc..

Oh yes Happy New Year Sweet Ones!!

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Claire Higgins said...

So so so happy for you guys that you are able to enjoy time together. What wonderful friends! Have a relaxing weekend :)