Let's get to the Pointe!!

Okay, if you can't take a little moment to listen to me brag..  then please stop reading.  No really, to God be the glory.  Nearly 10 years ago Jackie came crashing into this world, literally.  She is a delight to mother and the ability she has to stand, even breathe are from God alone.  So, when I say that she was appointed to go to Pointe Shoes, I know that it is a gift from the Lord.  
Two weeks ago, just before Jake left Jackie received her letter in ballet class that she is ready to go to Pointe shoes.  Jake and I are so excited for her.  We knew the opportunity was approaching and that a couple of girls from her class would be selected.  Jake and I received the call that she was one of them a week before she knew.  We decided that we wouldn't tell her.  We felt as though this was a healthy time of anticipation and a good test to see nervousness build and her response to it.  As parents we often wonder how the children will react to good news/bad news.  She handled herself beautifully through the entire week leading up to.  Before we even knew she would receive her letter, we prepared her by reminding her that God has designed her body, He is the one that portions strength and weakness.  She merely is to be disciplined with her body and her response to a merciful God.  Whether or not she was elected to Pointe was in His hands.. not hers.  We instructed her that when the day came she needed to respond humbly and gracefully whether or not she went to Pointe.  She was sweet the day she received her note, blushing as her little name was called.
Today she and I went to Jacksonville and met her teacher, Miss Laura, there.  She was fitted to her Pointe shoes.  She was such a cutie.  I loved watching her giggle and blush in disbelief.  
Her teacher will keep the shoes at the studio, so that there won't be any temptation to try them on at home and possibly harm herself.  She will learn how to sew the ribbons to the shoes, care for them, and stand at the bar, and eventually do ballet on Pointe.  We are very excited for Jackie!  


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thanks for the story and pictures!

Claire Higgins said...

Felicidades Jackie! What a wonderful honor and keep up the hard, diligent work!