A First for Louisa

Louisa lost her first tooth on Thursday evening.  We were sitting at the dinner table when it happened.  In my experiences of tooth loss this is the best place to be.  Not as difficult to manage as opposed to other locations like, running the bases in a baseball game, sitting through a sermon, in the middle of a large wrestling match with 4-5 people, or being held upside down..  She was eating baked oatmeal, a quick family favorite, and very soft too.  When her sweet little voice chimed, "mommy look at this."  I looked and there was her tooth completely horizontal pointing straight at me.  Of all things, teeth and any trouble with them are at the top of my list of scary, gross things to deal with.  I told her that I would close my eyes and that she needed to pull it out, that now was the time..  (I was given several offers the previous night at church because it was bleeding a bit, I insisted otherwise as it's not fitting to subject my daughter to having someone other than her dad put his fingers in her mouth and yank out a tooth)  She did it herself and I was so proud.  She's a real trooper.  She put it in the back pocket of her daddy doll and told me, "maybe the tooth fairy can come tonight."  She came and left 6 quarters.  Louisa was super excited and life is back to normal... Except for her smile ;)


JLR said...

Way to go Lou! And way to go momma; you didn't even have to use the dental floss and the swinging door.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

my sweet grand daughter Lou Lou has advanced from a toddler to a little girl too fast!

Claire Higgins said...

woot woo louisa! (i don't know if i could handle that either, christie)