Smoothie, Smoothie, oh so smoooooth

The weather is still chilly and will get colder yet, but I've not been able to pass up the smoothies.  For breakfast it's been my hearts content.  This is what I do.  In the blender:  1/2 cup yogurt or a touch less, 1 banana room temp, 6-7 frozen raspberries, 2 slices of frozen pear, and 1 teaspoon honey.  Just Puree and you've got breakfast!!  If you're banana is frozen than have your other fruits up to room temp, otherwise you'll  be having a very thick smoothie. (This may not be a problem if you live in Mexico, and the weather plays in your favor..)


dirtandrib said...

cute glass.

Claire Higgins said...

oooo de-lish! and hehe, although, I do use frozen fruit too when I make smoothies...it lasts longer than the fresh! and strawberry/banana is also clinto's favorite. :)