Fear at 2 am

After finally winding down and settling off into bed last night, I fell into a deep sleep.  All was well until 2 am when Salt, my personal security system, sounded off in a ferocious banter of barking.  I leaped out of bed and thought, "great, Jake's just left and things aren't right at 2 am."  I crept through the halls and saw Salt flipping out in the front entrance way and then I peered around the corner to see a man standing outside in the front entrance.  With my heart pounding and my hands going numb I tried to reason about what I should do.  I peer around the corner again and see that it's a Marine and as I closely examine the Marine, I'm thinking, "oh Lord, a thief, who's a Marine, is standing outside my front door, and he looks a little like Jake."  What trickery is this?  
Well it was Jake, his plane was delayed in Minneapolis and he was granted another day.  Tonight, this time at 8:00 we'll drop him off again.  We are all so excited to have a full Saturday with him!


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for update!

Claire Higgins said...

Bah hahaha! So sorry you had that fright, but your story was funny how you thought the thief was a Marine...:) This must have been a beautiful day for all of you!