You may not have heard of it before. The only reason it rang a bell with me is our friends/former CO's son was involved in this League. Cotillion is a program of Dance and Social Etiquette. Colby was invited to be a part of the New Bern Junior Cotillion League and with his interest, Jake and I decided we would invest and indulge him. Let me just say that he had his first class today and loved it. He was a bit sweaty palmed and nervous when I dropped him off. He had to come in slacks, white shirt, tie, blazer and dress shoes. He learned the Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, and the Shag. He learned how to treat a lady in a formal situation and formal table manners. Colby came home beaming and taught his sister, Jackie, and I how to do these three dances. Most of the children involved in the league are public schoolers. He and 3 other friends are homeschooled, so they are among the minority.
Jake and I are very excited that our Squirrel skinning, baseball hitting, grammar hating son will have rules of etiquette, and know how to dance as well. He told me that at his next class he will learn the Electric Slide... Now he's talking!


JLR said...

Wow, maybe I can finally learn that dance from him.

Claire Higgins said...

What a well-rounded young man. You must be extremely proud of him and yourselves! :)

Karen said...

I am so excited ... I know this dance .... should I down load it?
Can't wait!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Tell Colby that Grandpa Reynolds, took a tap dancing
class in 1954 as a 6 year old, I still remember being so nervous and believe I wet my pants. Long story short
I have two left feet and did not do well.