Santa is dead and other things

At dinner 2 nights ago, or maybe it was 3. Louisa was talking about Santa Claus. It's curious because we aren't big Santa pushers. Louisa continues on about Santa's visiting peoples chimneys, bringing good girls and boys gifts, etc. She asks me if I believe in Santa and before we could have the talk about it, Benjamin chimes in and says, "Louisa, Santa is dead." He then continues eating dinner as usual. Louisa of course says, "Nooo he is not." She asked me if it were true and I told her that yes, the real Santa is dead now. She proceeds on with her meal and than stops and says, "It is okay, I will believe in you now mommy." What a sweetheart.


Claire Higgins said...

Is there any chance you got her saying that on tape?? hahahaha What a sweetie-pie!

JLR said...

You are so harsh. You're not allowing our kids the opportunity to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

pops said...


Sage advice from the master

How Funny!

Karen said...

Santa Dead! I did not know santa was dead. How sad I am ... next you will say there are no green eggs or ham!