The Holly Ball

In an earlier post I mentioned Cotillion, the club that Colby's a part of. Last night was the big ball. He had learned his dances for this particular event. He had such a blast! He and his buddy, who rode to the ball with us, were very nervous. So nervous in fact, that when we pulled up I thought for a moment they forget how to open a car door as there was suddenly some very heavy nervous breathing going on and whispers of "oh man, I'm nervous." They had such cute conversation about the dances and discussed whether or not they should talk to the ladies whom they danced with. Colby's buddy said, "yeah, we can pay them a compliment" and Colby chimed in and said, "like, I really like the way you put up your hair." Back and forth their conversations went and they verbally reviewed how to do each dance. It was awesome, raw in fact. Because they were genuinely nervous they'd forget the moves, they weren't at all having discussions about inappropriate things... you all know full well I'm sure.
After the ball Colby was dropped off and had such funny stories. He danced most of the night and there were games. One of the games was to hold a snowball using your and your partners forehead while dancing quickly to the Foxtrot. He dropped the ball on the first one and the second time did so well, he and his partner won. He told me there weren't enough prizes for the boys so the girls left with them.
He also went into description of the different kids there. From the, "little girl who was like maybe 9" who wore lipstick. She had it smeared all over her little face and inevitable she asked Colby's buddy to dance with her. Colby told me his buddy, "he just didn't know what to think of it." I laughed so hard at this... Then there was the little boy who came in a lovely green tie, except that he tried to make it into a bow tie and the thing drooped really low on one side and was touching his shirt. He told me, "the green was so shiny it caught every light in the room." More laughter! Oh, it was such fun for the boys and it was a hump to get over and now Colby can't wait for the next ball.
Above he's tying his shoes for the big night and the picture to the right, I told Colby that he was looking real good as I took it. He replied with, "I know."
Please for a moment more tolerate me in this. He had 5 compliments on how he tied his tie. He had to tie it alone because Jake's away. He learned how to tie it this past Sunday with some help from his Pastor. It looks pretty sharp, huh?


pops said...

What a handsome young man!

Doesn't seem very long ago that we sat in a waiting room here in Longview for the arrival of the first (of many) grandchildren.


Christy said...

I am so excited by this. Way to go Colby.

And I will add this before Jesse gets a chance to:
Colby can you please teach Mr. Steel how to properly tie a tie? We would both be grateful.

Karen said...

Wow ... time is moving us along and with it life is happening! Colby is so very handsome ... I am proud of him and happy that he has been given this fun opportunity to be the young man he is growing into.

CLR said...

I know dad, time has really flown by!

CLR said...

Christy, I laughed out loud at your comment!

Claire Higgins said...

He does look like a handsome young man. I think that he takes after me, uncle clinto!

Christy said...

I am completely serious.

Maryn said...

Cotillion days are fun. Colby sure looked handsome. Glad to hear he had a good time.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the pictures!