Dad - update on coolant leak

We started on the water pump replacement, so here are a few pictures to keep you updated. Wish you were here to help us; we are having a lot of fun.  

Got the old pump out and compared it to the new one.  I think the old pump was the original with markings of "GM21".  Probably reason enough to put in a new one.  Obvious problem is that the new pump is black.

Nothing that a little spray paint can't solve.  Chevy Orange is just the thing to make the cowboys and indians stand up.

Now that's much better.  Letting it dry over night and then we'll start the hard part...trying to get humpty-dumpty back together again.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

good job, I wish I was there to get my hands dirty,
when you get it done, let the engine run until the thermostat opens up, then check for leaks. Make sure your coolant is good to -5 degrees fahrenheit. in the past (every 75 years) temperatures have fallen below
zero in havelock. p.s. you can get a antifreeze tester
at auto zone for less than $5.

JLR said...

Will do, thanks Dad. I'll post a pic when (if ) we get it done.