Silas the Bulldozing Machine!

For Christmas Silas received this very cute bulldozer.  When Jake first picked it out at Target, I thought to myself, "what a waste, where will we put this orange piece of plastic? Why not buy something more practical like corduroys and a button up shirt..."  Then I recalled how last year, when I shopped without Jake, I was completely practical and didn't buy Silas anything because he was well, a 6 month old and he'll sleep through opening presents anyway.  So I kept my thoughts to myself and told my man to pick out what he thought Silas would most enjoy.  Jake was right on and every morning after breakfast, this bulldozer thingy is the first thing my littlest man goes for.  He even rifles through the hat basket and digs out a hat to wear with it.  Sometimes it's one of the girls hats, so we were particularly proud when he picked out the camo hat the other day to wear.  He sure is cute.... just like his old man.

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Karen said...

This is the best picture ... He looks so happy. What a grin!