Done and Done

Dad, we took a day off yesterday and then hit it hard this morning.  Everything went smooth today until we re-installed the alternator.  One of the mounting bolts sheared off at the tip in the block; yikes!  Colby held the flashlight while I painstakingly backed the tip out with needle nose pliers.  Turns out the bolt was Grade 5 and most likely a manufacturer defect - very smooth shear failure.  We found some Grade 8 automotive bolts at a local hardware store and then finished the alternator.  A little help from my neighborhood Portuguese mechanic (just back from the War) for a quick QA and ATAF, and then a test run. Believe it or not, it runs.  And, so far, no more leak.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Great work and fun! Your boys will have fond memories!

Karen said...

way to go .... I thought you wer a pilot! Turns out you are also a mechanic!