Sweet Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was oh so sweet. With plenty of grace abounding, we broke bread, sipped wine, feasted on beef, pies, and the like. We were well aware of God's Mercy to us and delighted in the company of one another.

The children had various readings for us, from lovely, well thought up poems, to books and internet articles on the founding President's and Thanksgivings initial intent. We capped it off with Jake reading to us from William Bradford's Account of the first Thanksgiving.

Jake served the family by washing the dishes after dinner. I took a picture, because to me a well cleaned up kitchen is as lovely as a well put together meal!


Claire Higgins said...

What a wonderful day you had! Silas was taking the picture, right? ;)

CLR said...

Yes, that's why Libby's face is so pale and with a look of shock, she was afraid he'd fall off the stool we had him propped on...

Karen said...

You guys are so funny ... I love the comments!
Great Picture Silas! and Jake ... what a servant! I love it when Chris cleans up.
Looks like there were blessings galour!