May I just say how excited I am about the baby? It's a very curious thing that more people aren't inquisitive about my pregnancy. Almost as if because this is our seventh child that we aren't equally as thrilled as we were with the 1st or 2nd. We are looking forward to meeting this child! Maybaby is no less a sweet delightful gift from God than any of our other children are.

Perhaps this is too preachy, but people tend to be grossed out by me or shocked and even afraid to congratulate me. Instead there have been many who've turned up there nose. I am so thankful for the delight of my sweet friends in response to Maybaby! I am blessed indeed.


Claire Higgins said...

You go girlfriend! I have found myself in a similar boat as you; running into people that seem to have their own opinion on MY life, thus ending in me doubting myself. Afterward, I have to reassure myself that this negative voice, negative input, is in fact the devil. God's gifts to each of us are different and unique and we can't be discouraged by others that do not see things in God's light.

dirtandrib said...

Honestly, I have to use self-control
every time I see you or my hands would
be all over you cute belly.

Karen said...

Understand my dear Christie ... people respond because they imagine themselves as you ... even if only for a second ... and it frightens them. It doesn't surprise me that God would give you another child ... you are raising a family for the kingdom!
I am proud of you and who you are in Christ!

pops said...

You Girls have got it goin on!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Looks like another candidate for friday night pizza delivery!