DIY Yogurt Baby!

List of Ingrediets:
1 Gallon Milk (The more fat, the creamier the Yogurt)
1 Cup Plain Yogurt with live cultures
5 Large Mason Jars
1 Pot
1 Thermometer
1 Cooler
1 whisk
Kitchen Sink

Step 2: Pour milk in Pan and heat to 180 degrees.

Keep a whisk close by, because you don't want your milk to burn in the pot.
When milk is nearly to temp. fill up your kitchen sink with cold water.

Once milk is hot submerge pot in water to rapidly cool the milk. It needs to cool down to 130 degrees (give or take a couple of degrees.)

Step 3:
Put your 1 cup of yogurt in a bowl and add some of the cooled milk to it. Whisk it good.

Step 4:
Pour your yogurt into the big pot and thoroughly combine with the whisk. The yogurt cultures need to be scattered throughout the pot, other wise you'll have yogurt with some thick parts and other very runny parts. (Experience Talking)

Step 5:

This is fun, fill up those clean, glass mason jars with your yogurt/milk mixture. Seal them and put in your cooler.

Step 6:

Fill up your cooler, right to the neck of the jar with hot water. The key here is to have water that is between the temperatures of 122-130 degrees. Hot tap water is typically fine and on the cold days turn on the teapot and add some of that as well. Seal your cooler and leave it alone for 3-5 hours.

I'll post a picture tonight or tomorrow of the yogurt done.


Karen said...

Ok ... this looks like a great deal of work and timing ...
Is it sweetened at all? Have you tried your favorite fruits?
Can't wait for a lesson.

dirtandrib said...

thanks for the recipe!
did you reserve 1 cup of yogurt from
your previously made batches?

jj said...

Thank you my dear friend! I'll be working on this before we see you again...

CLR said...

M-Yes, it is suggested to use yogurt from previous a batch, however from what I've read the cultures do weaken somewhat and a thinner yogurt might result. Also, I freeze the yogurt in one cup portions so it's ready for later use, I just thaw it under warm running water when I'm ready for it.

Claire Higgins said...

Wow, I am thouroughly impressed! Nice work!

Gaines Family said...

Thanks for your tutorial. I just made my first batch last night. Quick question: is it necessary to sterilize your jars before filling with yogurt?
Your recipes always settle well in our household-thank you!!